Who to invite?

Hmmmm….Good Question.  Here you are planning the most special day of your life, and you are hit with this question. You don’t want to offend anyone, and in a perfect world you want to share this day with everyone you ever met! Then reality sets in. That, and the budget you set!

Everyone involved in the wedding will have something to say for sure. Parents will tell you that they need to invite their neighbors, the neighbors parents, their dog, etc. This is where the craziness will come in. Be strong and keep your eye on the ball. That is, you and your spouse. It’s your day. Imagine who you want there and why.

Listen to elders because they deserve that respect, besides it’s alot easier to listen then to argue with them.

Creating your Wedding Guest List does not need to be the worst part of the planning process. We promise!

Don’t stress – we are going to share with you some easy tips to help you weed through this daunting task.

When Creating your Wedding Guest List, create two lists,  the first list are the people that are the most special and can not imagine the day without them. Immediate Family and friends are on this list.  The most special people are at the top of list. (side note, it’s ok if you invite a cousin you are close with and not the other one just because he/she is a relative.) When you send out this round of invitations, create a different RSVP by date. Make their date much earlier, so you know how many more people you can invite from your next list.

The second list, this would be your family that maybe you aren’t the closest but maybe your Mom or Dad were close growing up with. It’s a special day for them too, so keep that in mind. Also on this list, might be co-workers that you are friendly with. Friends that you haven’t seen in a while but hold a special place in your heart. Remember what we said earlier- listen to everyone, but remember it’s your day.

Go with your gut. If you’re not sure whether they should be invited, chances are you probably shouldn’t.

Ask yourself these important questions to set some rules to help you determine who should be invited.

Will you be friends in 10 years?

Are they happy about this union?

Will it hurt them if they are not invited?

Would you visit them in the hospital?

Did they invite you to theirs?

Have your significant other met them and their significant other?

Have you been to their home? Have they been to yours?

Keep in mind there is no right or wrong way to come up with this list. These are suggestions, because if you let it- this process can be very stressful. Set the rules. Your Rules.

Here is a graphic to help you.