Alfredo Huguet, was a man who loved. Loved to organize; loved to entertain; loved to please; and loved to delight. But he didn’t just do these things for his family, but for all others. Since 1987 he worked in the hospitality world bringing joy to those who were lucky enough to cross his path. This trait was infectious and everyone wanted to be a better person because of it. Sadly, Alfredo passed in 1993, but his spirit became more present than ever.

Alfredo’s burning passion was captured like wildfire by his wife Aida, and his beloved daughter, Soraya who followed his footsteps and made it their purpose to carry on his mission. It’s been twenty years now since they both decided to establish Reception Palace Ballrooms in Miami as a place to turn weddings, quinces, sweet 16’s, and even the simplest occasions into spectacles that guests would never forget. It became one of the first, stand-alone reception venues in the city and soon became a name everyone in the industry knew.

It’s safe to say that despite his absence, you can still see and feel Alfredo’s presence in every event in his new home.



Reception Palace has always been more than a ballroom, but a home for cherished memories you have yet to create. And in a similar way, it’s been home for thousands of memories that have already been experienced over the last twenty years.

What started as a family-driven passion has blossomed into the most renowned stand-alone venue in Miami for all weddings, quinces, sweet 16’s, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs — if you can celebrate it, it has been at Reception Palace Ballrooms.

This is much, much more than a business to us. The good times people have in our ballrooms is not something we take for granted. We make it our mission to accommodate you on a personal level and assure you that the experience you receive will be unique solely to you and your guests.

We look forward to celebrating your special occasion–whatever that may be–with you, your friends and family, at Reception Palace Ballrooms.