Reception Palace Ballrooms

Loves a GREAT Party!

Carlos’s 6th DJ – Dance Birthday Party

We chose a DJ Club theme for our son Carlos. The moment I stepped foot into Reception Palace Ballrooms, I knew I wanted to book an event there. They are one of the best ballroom spaces in Miami, so this was an easy decision. We wanted the best!

Reception Palace Birthday Party


Reception Palace PartyWe loved the looks on our guests face when they walked in and saw the decor.

10960561_755110091224596_953039996_o 10960561_755109247891347_1102385052_o 10960939_755109214558017_151045894_oThe Bright, Bold Colors stood out and were eye-catching as soon as everyone entered the room.



From the stage decor, centerpieces, entertainment every detail was carefully planned and executed by the event staff at Reception Palace Ballrooms. “They pulled the entire concept together flawlessly” says the mother of the birthday boy.

10951127_755109394557999_1271387286_n Reception Palace Party

The 6 year old guest of honor was the one who wanted to have a DJ club theme party just like a true VIP.

10967576_755110437891228_414734707_o 10967511_755105251225080_415056391_o Reception Palace Party


Mom raves “Having DJ ZOG from POWER 96 mixing live for the guests and doing a meet and greet with picture taking for the guests was awesome and something everyone still talks about.”



All 180 guests danced throughout the whole party and did not want to leave.






10969376_755110791224526_1264095531_o 10967303_755104691225136_1901676188_o Reception Palace Party

10969167_755103334558605_2095504886_oFace Painting was a big hit for sure.


10965596_755102274558711_1797646251_nDid someone say Bounce Houses for outdoors only?? NOPE!


Reception Palace Party 10979220_755102291225376_1431834234_nThe Performers kept everyone entertained.

10968190_755102681225337_999589343_n 10968029_755102561225349_242447629_n 10967781_755103227891949_1251237203_n

10961655_755104947891777_2073266186_n 10967142_755104537891818_1489036989_oWhen we asked the mother of the VIP what was different about this party vs any other party she has attended??

“There’s many answers to this question, but for sure the most important one is that I won’t be able to ever top this event. From the staff at Reception Palace Ballrooms, the kitchen, the waiters, the bartender, the host and coordinators, DJ’s, animators, performers, dancers and everyone that played an important role in this event…. just made this party SPECTACULAR!!!





10961893_755104857891786_1229763885_n 10982956_755104501225155_764327118_o

10967412_755104824558456_433164186_o 10967363_755105237891748_435744475_oDon’t forget the airbrush artist!




What was the best part of the planning process we asked Mom?

“The experience of having an event starts from the moment you DECIDE you want to have this event! My advice to anyone reading this blog considering to have their event at Reception Palace Ballrooms is to TRUST the coordinators at this venue. They will try to go above and beyond your expectations.”


10960728_755110361224569_1392093312_o10970289_755105327891739_853334157_o 10970196_755103107891961_899946020_o 10969457_755104014558537_912783894_o 10969063_755110267891245_97302267_o

We loved having Carlo’s Birthday Party at Reception Palace Ballrooms! We hope you enjoyed reading about this future DJ!