Choosing the Right Venue for your Wedding

The Venue you choose for your wedding is the foundation of your reception. With so many options, packages and incentives to book your wedding at a venue, how do you choose the right venue for you?

When you are planning a wedding you are making so many decisions, by the time you read this your head will be spinning. We want to offer some advice hoping that it will relieve some of the pressure of making the right choice for you.

How to Choose the Right Venue for you!

1. Consider the logistics.  Will it be a large reception or intimate with only those that are closest to you.  This will be an important factor when selecting your venue, since it will need to accommodate the amount of guests you would like to have at your reception.

2. Decide what type of wedding you and your partner would like to have. Have you always dreamed of saying I-Do on the sand and having your party under the stars or reciting your vows in church and then to a more traditional venue?  Set a budget once you decide what important elements are a must have for your day.

3. Decide on what time of the year will work for you and your partner.  If you or your fiance a teacher you may want to have the wedding in the summer. If you are getting married in Florida and do want to get married in summer you may want to consider an indoor location..

4. Once you narrow down the above, now you can start looking at some venues. You can start with recommendations from friends and family. Of course, the online searches and bridal magazines will come into play. Stay organized. It can become overwhelming FAST. Create folders with on your personal computer or use some online tools.

5. When you go out visiting the venues you have narrowed down, go visit them during the time you would want to have your wedding. You can see them in action. How does the parking flow? Check out how the waitstaff handles the crowd. Do you like how the room looks when it’s decorated?

6. Go with your gut. Do you like the staff? Are they accommodating? Do they understand your wants and needs or are they just trying to make a sale?

7. Ask questions, do your research. Who from the venue will be there the day of? What is their role? Do they have a recommended vendor list? If you don’t want to use their list, can you bring in your own?

The biggest piece of advice we can give? Do the research, ask questions and go with your instincts.