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Meet the faces behind the magic

Reception Palace Ballrooms opened in 2000, thanks to the founding mother-daughter duo of Aida and Soraya Huguet. Over the last decade, it has since remained a family-owned and operated business that values clients on a personal level from the moment someone calls the office until the last guest leaves the event. For more information about us, call (305) 551-2517 or email [email protected] to get in touch with us.

“If you want to have an elegant and classy event, this is definitely your go-to venue in Miami.”

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How It Began

The idea behind Reception Palace Ballrooms really began with Soraya’s father, and Aida’s late husband, Alfredo, a natural in the hospitality business. He loved to cook, entertain, organize, please and delight, which made him and his family the perfect fit for the special event industry.

It was Alfredo who inspired that passion Soraya and Aida had for helping others turn simple occasions into something special. After he passed, that fire continued to burn inside the two. Soraya and her mother decided it was time to use that passion and get back into the business. They opened Reception Palace Ballrooms, one of the very first stand-alone reception venues for weddings and events in the Miami area.

We’re proud to offer a gorgeous venue and so much more

  • Event venue space rental

  • Expert event planning

  • Catering services

  • Cake and dessert

  • Bartending services

  • Accessories

  • Invitations

  • Entertainment hiring

  • Event production

  • Décor and flowers

  • Music and sound production
  • Photography