Thank you for taking a look at another one of our Real Weddings at Reception Palace.

We love to share our couples love stories, the details, and of course, how incredible they both look! Please enjoy the story of Christe and Davidson.1B4A6149Christe and Davidson met in college in April 2011. Over time, their love grew.

1B4A6230Within 2 years they both knew that they found that “One”.

1B4A6151 1B4A6168Once engaged, Christe started researching wedding venues. With a recommendation from a co-worker, she came to Reception Palace. With so many packages, great service, and flexibility we didn’t need to look any further. We found the perfect venue for us.

Reception Palace wedding venue

From the beginning, we felt loved and taken care of. So much stress was eliminated.  There was no chaos. Everything was organized and the staff handled every detail with ease.

The key to a successful wedding says the bride is “Organization”. Reception Palace did this perfectly.  There are so many details to worry about, when you find someone that just “gets it” a majority of your worries are over. That’s when you can sit back and enjoy the process.

1B4A6160 Reception Palace Real WeddingsFriends and Families gathered together to witness the meaningful union.

1B4A6184 Reception Palace Real Weddings


Picking the colors for Christe was easy..RED is her favorite. It is the color of LOVE and it there was a lot of Love in the room!

Reception Palace Real Weddings 1B4A6251 1B4A6261 1B4A6268 1B4A6273

Reception Palace Real Weddings


Over 120 guests danced and dined the night away as Christe and Davidson celebrated their love.

Real Wedding Reception Palace1B4A6396 1B4A6390 1B4A6378 Reception Palace Real Wedding“Enjoy the planning process” says the bride. ” We spent quality time together going over all the details from the linens to the photographer”.

Some great tips of advice from this savvy bride:

“Aim for a fun day rather than a perfect day, nothing in life is perfect. Once you keep that in mind you can let it all go and have fun.”

1B4A6353 1B4A6352 1B4A6341 1B4A6332 1B4A6330 1B4A6329 Reception Palace Real Wedding“Try and get everything done ahead of time. It really took alot of stress our of lives, when the wedding day came, we really looked forward to it.”

We wish Christe and Davidson years of happiness!

Stay tuned for another Real Wedding soon from Reception Palace.