Wondering if you should have a Debutante Ball style Quince or a Dance Party?

It’s a tough decision but since we have had some experience with both, we thought it would only be right to share some thoughts and great photos to help you reach a decision.

What is your Quinceanera style?

Does the idea of a beautiful ballroom gown that will make you feel like royalty appeal to you, Sashaying through the room like the queen?

Does a bright colored dress that shows off your figure but not too tight so you can dance all night without feeling restricted?

The word  French word Debutante means that when a young lady reaches an age of maturity her family wants to announce it to the world at a formal “debut” presentation.  These formal events are also called “debutante balls,” “cotillion balls” or “coming-out” parties.

In Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, and Paraguay, débutantes are those young girls, typically about fifteen or sixteen years old and belonging to the upper and upper middle classes, who take part in a Festival de Debutantes, or simply a Debut, designed to introduce them to the high society of their countries.

In Brazil and Mexico, such events are called Baile de Debutante (Spanish and Portuguese) or Festa de Debutante (only Portuguese), for “débutante ball”, or Fiesta de Quince Años (Spanish) or Festa de Quinze Anos (Portuguese), for “Fifteen year-olds’ party”. Source Wikipedia


The Benefits of having a Debutante Ball Style Quince

Since it’s customary to throw a lavish party when turning 15. Nothing will make you feel more like royalty than wearing head-to-toe full, princess attire and making your grand entrance into a ballroom full of friends and family.

The crown, the accessories and how you feel in your gown will set the tone. All girls dream about being a princess, but when it comes time to play the part are you ready?

The elements of a traditional Quinceanera are as follows:

Chambelanes: This would be translated as “chamberlains,” these are boys or young men who escort the quinceañera and perform a choreographed dance with her. The dance is referred to as a waltz, but often incorporates other dance styles.

El primer ramo de flores (the first flower bouquet): the birthday girl is offered a bouquet of flowers which is symbolically the first flowers she is offered as a young woman.
Fifteen piñatas: The girl breaks fifteen small piñatas, one for each year of her life.

The highlight of the party is the cutting of a multi-tiered birthday cake, and the guests sing the traditional birthday song, Las Mañanitas, to the birthday girl.

The Benefits of having a Dance Party Quince

When throwing any type of party, dancing is a tremendous key factor.  When you are throwing a Dance Party Quince, it’s a simple agenda. DANCE.

Whether you choose a traditional theme or modern dance party, these elements in any style Quince will translate. Just make them your own.

Having a dance party with a few elements of a traditional Quinceanera may be the way to go. This option allows you to invite more people if you are working with a strict budget.

Serve some snacks and drinks so you don’t dehydrate and a great Candy Station

Photo Booths are always popular and it is also a great favor for guests to take home fo remember the night

Choosing the style of your Quinceanera might be difficult but there is no wrong choice. What you prefer, what stands out to you and your family will be the way to go. Whatever your choice is just enjoy the night!

Take a look at this sneak peak of Anais’s Quinceanera!

Cuban themed, choreographed and dance party mixed!