When it comes to selecting your wedding colors , how do you choose?

There are many ways to start the process, but the easiest way is process of elimination.

What colors do you not like?

We all have colors that either remind us of something that we do not enjoy, or stand out to us. Once you determine which colors you do not want, it’s much easier to start the process.

1. What color stands out to you? What shade are you most drawn to? If you are not sure go stand in your closet, what color stands out?

2.Consider where your ceremony and reception will be held.  You don’t need to match the venue or church but you picked these places based on something that was meaningful to you, this is a good place to search the color palette there.

3. What is your favorite flower?  Is it too dark? It can be an accessory or if it’s too light maybe it can be your accent color.

4. What time of year is time? Since we live in Florida the weather pretty much stays the same “Hot” however, the season may inspire you to bring in tones from the Fall or Winter.

5. Do you have a style in mind for your bridesmaids? Look at the colors that it comes in. Consult with your girls, they will always tell you the truth. Even though it’s your decision, hearing another opinion can help when you are stuck between 2 colors. Don’t ask too many people though it may only make it harder for you. Stick with your friends that have similar taste as you.

You can choose anywhere from 3-5 colors but make sure they all blend well together.

There are so many great websites that can help you! The best news,  there is no wrong answer. It’s your day, make your dreams come true!

Here are a few sites where we draw inspiration from:

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Pantone Color Institute

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The Perfect Palette

Don’t forget that the color of year for 2015 is Marsala if you want to stay up with the latest trend.