We are honored to share our couple’s special day in our special feature “Real Weddings”at Reception Palace.

Here is the story of Yesenia & Gabriel.

A story of real high school sweethearts!

10 years ago they met in  homeroom science class during their senior year in high school. The first day of school  Yesenia noticed a really cute guy leaning against the wall before class started. “He was unlike anyone I had ever seen in school” said Yesenia. Noticing, immediately,  Gabriel did not have a Miami accent,  Yesenia was very “interested”

Yesenia and Gabriel would spend hours on the phone, going out with friends and getting in trouble in class for talking too much.  After some time Yesenia started to wonder “when will he kiss me?”  It took a few months after their first meeting but when it happened Yesenia was overjoyed! Prom night is when they decided they would get married when they were 25. A testimony that dreams do come true.

“We have been together for almost 10 years. When we are not working, we spend most of our free time hanging out with our families, watching television series & movies, eating and cooking.” gushes the bride.

When it came to choosing the wedding venue it was simple. Yesenia’s family have been friends for 25 Years with everyone at Reception Palace. She practically grew up in reception palace and celebrated many important  events there (6th Birthday, Parent’s baby shower, dad’s Birthday and Parents 25th anniversary) “I always knew the day I got married it would be there.” Yesenia said.

The bride shared with us that she wanted the colors to be simple, clean and chic. She wanted everything to be white and silver.

“I picked navy blue as an accent color since it’s one of my favorite colors to wear.” Yesenia told our staff.

Every detail was planned and executed perfectly.

Personalized Ice Luges,  photos from their high school days and a table honoring their loved ones that were no longer with them were strategically  placed throughout the venue.

After months of planning, you always wonder the “HIT” was. Turns out that the food was all the rave from the 190 guests that attended the nuptials, for months after the celebration says the couple.

The service was incredible. “Usually you don’t expect the quality of the food at weddings to be great but Reception Palace exceeded our expectations.” says Yesenia

The bride was able to enjoy the party because everything was taken care of.  

Guests commented how beautiful everything looked with the draping, lighting and linens.

The couple enjoyed being able to spend the day with the people that meant the most to them. Dancing, eating and drinking the night away!

Yesenia’s advice to any engaged couple or whoever is planning an event:

It’s never too early to start planning! Use Pinterest and start pinning everything that you like. That will make the process of picking your color and theme easier.

You can get great ideas from other people’s boards.

I recommend that you create a wedding timeline. Assign things to do every month and before you know it your whole wedding is planned.

My wedding timeline was my bible during my engagement. I relied solely on that to keep me sane.

Stop and enjoy the day is the best advice we get from everyone.

For a stress-free day stop by and see us!

Congratulations Yesenia and Gabriel!

Thank you, it was our pleasure having you at Reception Palace!