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We are thrilled you are back to read another love story of one of our couples.

The story of Melaney and Lorenzo started back in High School. As prom dates, and as good friends throughout their college days.

Real Weddings Reception Palace Ballrooms



Real Weddings Reception Palace Ballrooms


As time went on, they always knew about what the other was doing through their mutual friends throughout the years.

As fate would have it, they met up again at their local CrossFit class in 2012. They reminisced about High School and Lorenzo asked Melaney out one rainy afternoon.

Timing was perfect, but that is how God works. They talked for hours, and they both knew that it was meant to be from that moment on. The rest is history, never apart again.

Reception Palace Ballrooms Real WeddingsFast forward a few years, as they were trying to decide where to have their wedding, fate stepped in again. The couple frequently drove by Reception Palace Ballrooms and always admired the beauty of the venue. When they were discussing this with Lorenzo’s Grandparents, turned out that their neighbor knew the owners of Reception Palace.

Reception Palace BallroomsOnce they met Alexys, the event coordinator, they knew they did not need to look any further! This was the place to get married.

“Alexys was honest, sincere and she treated us like family” gushed Melaney.

“Getting married in December was our dream. We wanted it to be classy and elegant” said the couple.  That is exactly what happened.

Reception Palace Ballrooms

JP1_1040 JP1_1035 JP1_1024 Real Weddings Reception Palace BallroomsThe Couple chose the Winter Wonderland Theme to bring their dream to life.

JP1_1017Choosing white, silver and hints of blue in their floral centerpieces added to the fairy tale look.

Real Wedding

The couple were married at Our Lady Lourdes Church and could not have been happier with their “Worry-Free” reception at Reception Palace Ballrooms.

Real WEddingReception Palace BallroomsJP2_0822IMG_2536 IMG_2508 IMG_2506 Real WeddingReal Wedding

And they lived happily ever after…..


Til next time.